​ What exactly is a “precinct”?

For election purposes, your precinct is the district in which you vote.  It might seem dramatic to say that precinct activities are integral to the survival of the Democratic Party, except that they are. Getting involved in your precinct is also an excellent way to dip your toe into the larger political scene, as precinct work feeds directly into county, state, and national party activities.
Okay, this sounds interesting. But what do precincts actually do

Precincts are busiest during election years, and mostly concern themselves with the following:
Voter registration                Get out the vote efforts
Canvassing for candidates          Encouraging early voting
Sending delegates to county and state conventions
Proposing resolutions that are important to their neighborhood.
On election day, they might help people get to their polling place, hand out lists of Democratic candidates, or make phone calls reminding people to vote.
Who oversees the precinct? Is someone in charge?
Each precinct elects a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson, and a Secretary/Treasurer, which are all volunteer positions. The Chair and Vice-Chair are responsible for organizing the annual precinct meetings and attending the Pender Democratic Party meetings.Precincts are considered “organized” if they have a precinct committee, which are simply five active Democrats who live in the precinct .
I don’t have a ton of time to spare. How often do precincts meet?
Precincts meet annually This year, all meetings will take place between February 22nd and March 8th. Your first step is to find out when your precinct is getting together and make plans to attend.
March 5th......Upper Union...WILLARD OUTREARCH CTR 3 PM
March 7th...6:30 PM  Burgaw Library.....WEST Precincts 
Cape Fear, Columbia, Grady, Long Creek, South Burgaw, North Burgaw. Lower Union, Rocky Point.
March 8th....6:30 PM Hampstead Annex.......EAST precincts
Surf City, Sloop Point, Upper Topsail, Middle Topsail, Lower Topsail,                        Scott's Hill
March 8th.....6:30 PM  .....Caswell precinct.......Atkinson Cafeteria
Canetuck call Marguerite Bibbs  910-283-7197
Penderlea call Jimbo Robbins    910-604-0064
Middle Holly is unorganized.  Call Debbi Fintak if you want to help
Now, how do I figure out which precinct I’m in?
See you there.  We need you!